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and then started rubbing his crotch. I asked her, she is well and she answered. " Yes I love doing this kind of thing," Finally, put on his jacket and I could see through blousenot wearing a bra. Then my car got out and climbed on the hood. I drive a Ford Focus, which is an average candylist car on the road. Anyway, once in the hood, started her blouse, the Knee - Lengede remove the rock and then removed her panties. After all his clothes had been removed, began to rub over and began to moan. After a while I asked " do you not care that I do this in your car? " Now, at that time asked me confused! Then I asked, " Do you have any sex toys in your car " REPL "no". She recently said she wanted to play
Quotes .. " You want my cock," I had to ask, she surprisingly said, " No, not yet. " Then began the screws on the roof of my car ariel. With this in hand, began to push the ass of Ariel, in a moment was about candylist to put all their asses ariel. By candylist ariel ass and then said "Now I want your cock for me. " So, no doubt, got on the cover with her ​​and began to pick up and play with their asses ariel. within 10-15 minutes in the two started to cum. My car is a dark blue car and CUMED, as they both had a white cap. After the ariel pushed out of her ass, and she licked it again on the roof of my car fucked up again. Then he went back into my car and finally took her home. What a night it was.


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One night after work, I needed a break at a gas station to get some gas for my car. I paid candylist € 20 and the partner on the way back to my car a very attractive blonde girl with blue eyes stopped me. You must have been about 25 years old. She said she had seen me fill my car and I asked if I was coming home. All surprised that I said " Yes, of course, hop in". in our journey, we chatted, her name was Lisa, and she said she loves having sex in the car. No matter how our trip progressed, I was told off, a very dark and quiet street. As we took this road, she asked if I could pull on the side of the road. I went over and stopped the car. I looked at it and felt it. She rubbed her breasts